Powerful tools to boost
your influence

Presentation Planner™

Create presentations that motivate


People who demonstrate high levels of executive presence are influential. They convey an optimal blend of
authentic power and warmth and adjust that blend to best suit each interaction.

Demonstrating greater Executive Presence increases your chances of having an even bigger impact on the
world around you. And, the good news is that this so-called "It" factor can be learned and developed over

We have designed specific proprietary tools to support your leadership development and effectiveness.
Designed for both individual and team settings, they can be used on their own, combined with keynote
addresses, and/or consulting and skill-building workshops.

The Presentation Planner™ Tool

If your presentation messages do not consistently motivate others to take action, you are missing the potential for influence that presentation offer.

The PresentationPlanner™ tool takes you painlessly through the process of constructing a compelling outline by using specific prompts to help you refine your thinking and your message. It enables you to create a powerful presentation that is clear, compelling and listener-focused.

This web app tool will enable you to create a library of presentations. They are fully editable and can be used as the basis for future presentations as well.

The Stakeholder Manager™ Tool

Your ability to influence others depends in large part on the quality of your relationships. This tool enables you to be strategic in managing your stakeholder relationships. You will take a comprehensive look at your stakeholder network and create a 90-day plan to develop greater trust and alignment with just 3 top priority stakeholders.

The Stakeholder Manager™ tool is a series of worksheets that help you:

  • Identify your stakeholder network
  • Clarify where you stand in your relationships
  • Decide where you most need to build greater trust and alignment

The Executive Presence™ Tool

We all know when we've experienced executive presence in another person, but it can be difficult to know how best to cultivate it within ourselves. This bundle of qualities that some people refer to as the "it" factor can be developed successfully and has a huge impact on a professional's ability to contribute and succeed.

The Executive Presence Tool is an online adaptation of the highly acclaimed "Elements of Executive Presence Cards". Like the card deck, the tool is designed to support your professional development and make the work of growing your own executive presence more concrete and practical. You can easily see where you're strong and which of the 21 elements most challenge you. The emphasis is on improving 1 element at a time for 30 days. By answering a series of prompts, the tool will help you create your personalized action plan which can be saved, updated, shared and accessed via your computer or mobile device.

Please note: This online tool is currently in development. For a link to purchase the related "Elements of Executive Presence" card deck available now, click here.

Elmhirst Associates

Individual Coaching

We coach leaders who are committed to bring their best. Through feedback from others, clear and concrete plans for action as well as coaching and guidance along the way, clients grow their presence to lead well and wisely.

Work With Teams

We work with teams to become higher performing, as individuals and as a collective: Building greater trust, gaining alignment on their shared vision, managing their stakeholders and building the individual skills to lead from every seat.

Elements of Executive Presence Development Cards

We all know when we've experienced executive presence in another person, but it can be difficult to cultivate it within ourselves.

That's where the Elements of Executive Presence card deck comes in. Designed to support your professional development, these cards make the work of growing your own executive presence more concrete and practical. They enable you to see, at a glance, where you're strong and which elements most challenge you.

You work on one element at a time, using the relevant card in the deck to help guide your practice efforts. Regular practice generates real and tangible progress and there are Action Plan cards to help you along the way.


“I definitely feel an overall shift in my executive presence as a result of our work together. I’m more comfortable and less inhibited. I am speaking with more ease and less fear of judgement across all executive settings, including our leadership meetings.”

— Senior VP, Genentech​

“Karen Elmhirst has worked with several of our leaders on executive communications, helping them motivate and inspire both internal and external audiences. Executive feedback on her collaborative coaching has been very positive and we have seen marked improvement as well.”

— Director, HR Global Learning and Performance, Large Hi-tech firm

“Karen has proven tremendously valuable to me as an advisor and coach. She really helped me to raise my game in presentations and other high-stakes communications. Since then, I have worked with her in several capacities including when I transitioned in as a new, public company CEO. At two of the companies I have led, she has guided our efforts to develop our company’s Mission, Vision and Values statements. Both times, this work was enormously powerful in creating strong community and alignment around a clear direction. She is simply the most effective executive coach and leadership consultant I have ever worked with and will be a tremendous asset to any senior leader and leadership team.”

— John A. Orwin, President and CEO,
Relypsa, Inc.

“Thank you again for a well-presented, on-message workshop. It was so impressive how quickly you grasped the nuances we wished to cover and how seamlessly you incorporated the overall theme of our offsite. Preliminary responses to the survey show the group thought your workshop was excellent, practical and provided useful tools to work on the art of influence. It was a pleasure seeing you and I hope to see you again in the future!”

— Holly Spoonemore
Senior Regulatory Program Director, PTR, Genentech​

“Great job! I would not change anything. Perfect balance of content presented and interaction. We were all aware, engaged and learning throughout the day.​”

— Anonymous comment
Executive Presence Workshop
Genentech Inc.

“I will use this tool! I love the prompts. It's an investment of time upfront that saves a lot of time later. It will lower my anxiety when preparing for my next presentation.”

— Kevin Aronson, Director, BioOncology Sales Operations, Field Operations and Information Management, Genentech, a member of the Roche Group

“I shall be forever different as a result of our work together.”

— VP, Professional Services firm​


“Before using the Presentation Planner preparing for presentations was an agonizing experience. I would expend an extraordinary amount of effort determining how to best make a point and overthink how to create the impact I envisioned. Thanks to this beautiful tool I need no longer worry about such things. The Presentation Planner provides the prompts and language I require to craft a meaningful and impactful presentation in very short order.”

— Leslie Clark, Executive Coach​

“Using the Presentation Planner™ to create your presentation outline is like working with a business coach by your side. Each question makes you think more deeply about who you are presenting to and how to reach them in the most effective and engaging way.”

— Jim Dean, CEO, Jumblz

“I learned so much from my work with Karen. As a new leader entering a new position in a new company, I needed to create alignment among a disparate team. Through Karen's coaching, I was able to gain insights into their various realities and build bridges of trust which have enabled the work to move forward successfully. Her coaching, meeting facilitation, and overall guidance have been very valuable to me and to my team.”

— VP, MD, Kaiser Permanente

“While your presentation tool organizes my thoughts around a precise communication goal, the process, itself, helps refine my thinking as it takes shape. Each iteration exposes ideas that hadn't occurred to me before. The final presentation feels so much smarter, with more logical, elegant transitions, and a more effective result. This is brilliant.​”

— Susan Bierzychudek, Principal, Green Ideals Group.